President Tebboune: Algeria to fully assume its role in Africa and globally

APS : Sunday, 09 February 2020
ADDIS ABABA (Ethiopia) – President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Sunday in Addis Ababa said that “the new Algeria, in the process of being built,
will remain faithful to its principles and commitments, and will henceforth play fully its role at the continental level and globally.”
Addressing the opening of the African Union (AU) Summit, President Tebboune voiced Algeria’s commitment to contribute “more effectively” to achieving development in the African continent.
“Our successful experience confirms our conviction that resolving the crises in our continent requires peaceful solution, all-inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation, far from any foreign interference,” he said, after recalling the tragic decade lived by Algeria during the 1990s.
“Like during the national war of liberation, Algeria has highly valued the solidarity from the African brothers during such hard moments, and that is why it has always honored its commitments towards Africa, even in the hardest periods of its history,” he added.
“We will continue to support initiatives aimed at resolving conflicts, defending the just causes of peoples struggling for the recovery of their fundamental rights and the exercise of their right to self-determination, mainly the Palestinian cause,” he said.
President Tebboune stressed that today, “thanks to the saving energy of its people and its youth,” Algeria ushered in a “new era to consolidate its democracy and create conditions conducive to development.”
Algeria is “resolutely determined to change its system of governance and to build a State guaranteeing social justice and the supremacy of the law.
In the aftermath of the December 12 Presidential Election, Algeria ambitions to engage political, economic and social reforms,” he said.
The challenge is to “materialize the expected change and build a new, strong peaceful and prosperous Algeria, founded on transparent governance, the moralization of political life and the strengthening of individual freedoms.”

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