President Bouteflika: Day of Mujaheed, opportunity to strengthen efforts

Saturday, 20 August 2016 16:02
BEJAIA- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika expressed Saturday his hope that the National Day of Mujaheed (War Veteran) will offer the Algerian people the opportunity to strengthen efforts to face today’s challenges, with greater vigilance to preserve Algeria’s security.
“My biggest hope is that the double anniversary of 20 August 1955 and 20 August 1956 can offer our people the opportunity to strengthen our joint efforts in the face of today’s challenges, with greater vigilance to preserve the security of Algeria and a serious and diligent work to build its economy. In a word, to live up to the sacrifices of our martyrs and mujahedeen and continue their struggle for the construction of Algeria,” said President of the Republic in a message read of his behalf, in Bejaia, by Minister of Culture Azeddine Mihoubi on the occasion of the National Day of Mujaheed, commemorating the double anniversary of the Offensive of North of Constantine (20 August 1955) and the Congress of Soummam (20 August 1956).
“After the suffering of the national tragedy, the Algerian people committed themselves to the path of the national revival in a process of which I am proud to have participated since 1999,” he added.
“Therefore, we decided to get the country out of the spiral of terrorism and destruction to go to the civil concord then the national Reconciliation, inspired by our values of tolerance and forgiveness, these same values which catalysed the willingness of our Muslim people when they triggered their glorious war of liberation,” said the Head of State.
“Faithful to their grandparents, the children of this dear country agreed to join forces and decide, once again, on the future of the country,” concluded President Bouteflika.

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