President Bouteflika: Algerian society managed to extinguish Fitna fire, end violent extremism

APS : Monday, 04 January 2016
CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika said that the Algerian society managed to extinguish the fire of Fitna (discord) and end extremism and violence, thanks to its referent and the wisdom of its children.
“Cautious and disciplined, our society will succeed in countering all the dangers that can face its children, namely the attempts of indoctrination of youth,” affirmed President Bouteflika in a message read Monday in Constantine (341 km east of Algiers) on his behalf by Mohamed Ali Boughazi, Adviser to President of the Republic on the occasion of the opening of 17th National Qur’an Week.
“As Algerians, we have the duty to defend the image of our religion, as we managed to make of our referent, a rampart against extremism and a path of moderation, and of our homeland a Universal School for Peace and Reconciliation, thanks to the maturity of our people and its attachment to the high values of unity, altruism and social cohesion,” added the Head of the State.
“Terrorism has tarnished the image of Islam, misled the Muslims and allowed non-Muslims to attack the Qur’an and discredit the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), whose true words and humble character cannot be the subject of any dispute,” regretted the president of the Republic.
In this regard, he called on the “valiant Imams and scholars to continue their efforts to protect our children against the destructive ideas and the religious extremism, and break the dubious theses and references of terrorism which attempts to justify its barbarity by false interpretation of the texts of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.”
Moreover, President of the Republic said that “the spiritual elevation of the soul meets its beautiful conception only when the name of Allah is evoked, his glory exalted and his words recited by the faithful who look to purify their souls and hearts.”
“Your blessed meeting to mark the 17th National Qur’an Week, is meant to be a valuable opportunity to glorify the Qur’an, this Constitution that guides the righteous in the world and an occasion to consider the superior wisdom contained in this Text and the harmony of its words that enact our teaching today,” stressed the Head of State, while addressing the participants.
President Bouteflika has “paid homage to the scholars, who passed away, and who had devoted their life to serve Islam and transmit knowledge to the believers. Their memory is alive in our hearts and their legacy perpetrated by their followers.”
“During the month of Rabie Al-Awal, our people demonstrated its love to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” recalled President Bouteflika, stressing that the “dominant Muslim trend in Algeria is Sunnism and the Algerian society follows the tradition of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who calls for moderation”.

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