People’s National Army hails support of Algerian people following Ain Defla’s terrorist attack

ALGIERS- Deputy Minister of National Defence and Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah expressed the “recognition” of the People’s National Army to the Algerian people for their support, following the terrorist attack which targeted the elements of the Army on the first day of Aid al Fitr in the province of Ain Defla.People’s National Army hails support of Algerian people following Ain Defla’s terrorist attack.
“ It is not unusual that the treachery of a horde of criminal terrorists reaches, on the scared day of Eid al-Fitr, those who devoted themselves to Algeria, in the name of their belonging to the People’s National Army worthy successor to the national liberation Army, and took on oath to perpetuate the historical memory of their nation, to preserve the link between their past and their present and to work with all the faith for the nobleness of the missions assigned to them and the assurance of the nation’s experienced defenders, having the absolute conviction that Allah Almighty, at all times and in any circumstances, in the face of all those threatening Algeria and their confederates,” said Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah in a message.
“Definitely, it is not also unusual that the Algerian people rise up, with the ardour of a benevolent affectionate, in a haste affirmed by the enemy before the friend, proclaiming their refusal and contempt, expressing all these feelings and unequalled solidarity with their children in the People’s National Army,” he underlined.

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