Peace in Mali: Mogherini reiterates support, welcomes cooperation with Algeria

APS : Thursday, 01 October 2015
BRUSSELS – The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has reiterated support to the Peace and Reconciliation Accord in Mali, resulted from the inclusive inter-Malian dialogue, which negotiation talks have been supervised by leading mediator Algeria.
“The European Union played an important role in the finalization of the Peace and Reconciliation Accord in Mali, with Algeria which led the mediation,” said Mogherini while answering European deputies’ questions.
The “EU will continue to fully participate and to mobilize all the available instruments to help the establishment of peace (the benefit of the Malian population),” she added.
The process of signing of the Algiers Accord was completed in Bamako on 20 June.
“All the parties have now to respect their obligations, by respecting the ‘fragile cease-fire’ to which all the armed groups (political military groups of the North) committed,” she added.
“Il is important that the Malian government leads the reconciliation process.”
She said that the aid to Mali in the period 2014-2020 “is in line with the peace accord. The aid covers state construction, reforms, governance, peace, food security, rural development, education and infrastructure.”

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