One Planet Summit: Messahel underlines Algeria’s commitments to addressing climate change

APS : Tuesday, 12 December 2017
PARIS-Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, representative of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the One Planet Summit held in Paris, underlines Algeria’s commitments to addressing climate change.
In a statement to APS and the National TV, Messahel said that Algeria’s commitments aim at “achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement” and “reducing its gas emissions by 7% with its own means” despite the current economic situation.
In the event that Algeria “receives financial, technical and technological support from developed countries, in accordance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement”, it will reduce emissions by 22%.
The minister said that Algeria’s actions and commitments included the launch of a national renewable energy development programme “aimed at covering nearly 27% of the national electricity production by 2030 and reducing energy consumption by 9%.”
In this regard, Messahel stated that actions for the improvement of energy efficiency also affected the building sectors, notably the thermal insulation of new housing constructed part of the vast national programme, as well as the sector of transport through the conversion of one million vehicles and 20,000 buses into LPG.
Moreover, Algeria intends to rehabilitate of the green dam, which represents “a unique experience in the desertification and development of steppe areas”, said the minister, who referred to the national programme for the forestation and reforestation of 1,245,000 hectares.
The representative of the Head of State at “One Planet Summit”, which brings together 26 heads of state, 33 heads of government, 39 ministers, several figures and 7 international organizations, recalled the implementation of an “ambitious” programme, since 2000, to build more than 75 dams and rationalize the use of water resources to “address water stress.”
“Four other dams will be delivered by the end of January 2018,” increasing the storage capacity to 9 billion cubic meters, he announced.
Algeria has 221 small dams with a capacity of 281 million cubic meters3
As regards waste management, the foreign minister referred to the development of a strategy by 2035 to “set up an industry for the recovery of waste through a network of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).”

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