Naval forces: Algerian-Tunisian "Morjane 2017" joint exercice off Annaba

APS : Sunday, 29 October 2017
ALGIERS-The Naval Forces Command carried out the 4th joint exercise “Morjane 2017” with the Tunisian Navy on 22-28 October 2017 in the East Sea Front of Annaba (5th Military Region) as part of the implementation of the Algerian-Tunisian military cooperation programme 2017
, announced the National Defence Ministry in a communiqué.
“Morjane 2017” exercise was carried out in three stages including tactical activities, a joint naval-aviation cooperation for search and interception of a ship supposed to engage in an illicit traffic, an exercise of search and rescue at sea and the activation of the Joint Military Operations Centre (COMOC) and the programming of diving exercises for divers of both parties at the dock and at sea, said the source.
The exercise aims to “strengthen both parties’ capacities in maritime cooperation through joint actions designed to face possible dangers or threats to maritime security in both countries’ border zones,” said the Ministry.

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