National reconciliation: Algeria's experience, successful example in peace entrenchment

APS : Monday, 23 January 2017
N’DJAMENA-Secretary General of the Sahel League of Ulemas, Preachers and Imams Youssef Belmehdi stressed Monday in N’djamena that Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation was “a successful example” in the entrenchment of peace.
“Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation and philosophy of unified and coherent society is cited as successful example in international events despite ideological, linguistic and ethnic differences,” Belmehdi told APS, adding “Algeria has presented a model to follow in Africa and the world.”
The same official highlighted the importance of the 5th League of Ulemas, Preachers and Imams of the Sahel to be held on 24 and 25 January in N’djamena (Chad) on the theme “Role of religious leaders of the Sahel region in the protection of youth against violent extremism” given the security situation in the world.
The League’s action focuses on “the renewal of mechanisms of response to intruding ideas in our society that often do not coincide with our religious reference, through return to the real sources of Islam.

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