Minister Attaf takes part in ministerial meeting of AU Ad-hoc Committee for South Sudan in Abbis-Ababahe Republic of South Sudan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf took part, Friday in Addis Ababa, in a ministerial meeting of the African Union (AU) Ad-hoc Committee for the Republic of South Sudan (Committee of Five- C5), whose mandate is to support the parties to the crisis in this sister country, to fulfil their commitments under the peace agreement signed in September 2018.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, Attaf emphasized the need to consolidate the role of the Committee and intensify its activities to support stability in South Sudan under two processes.

As for the first process, the FM underlined the need for the Committee to raise the awareness of the internal parties in South Sudan of the importance of the historical responsibility incumbent upon them.

For the second process, Attaf underscored the importance of pooling efforts of the various internal parties and getting them to reiterate their support to the peace process in South Sudan, all the more so this country is going through a crucial and delicate stage, in anticipation of the organization of the first elections of the history of this brotherly country, scheduled for the end of the current year.

Bilaterally, Attaf affirmed Algeria’s willingness to back the Republic of South Sudan in the organization of elections capable of settling the crisis to effectively address the challenges facing this brotherly country.

The African Union (AU) Ad-hoc Committee for the Republic of South Sudan is made up of five states representing the five regions of the continent, namely Algeria, Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda and South Africa.

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