Migration crisis: “There is no possibility Algeria opens retention zone”

APS : Wednesday, 27 June 2018
PARIS-There is no possibility that Algeria, which is facing the same problems of Europe, opens any retention zone, affirmed Wednesday Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel.
“There is no possibility that Algeria opens any retention zone. We already face the same problems. We conduct repatriation operations under arrangements we have with neighbouring countries,” said the Algerian top diplomat in an interview with RFI.
“We face the same problems. When it comes to illegal migration, things must be well understood. We face the same scourges and we must fight against illegal migration under the United Nations (UN) conventions and part of arrangements with countries of origin and transit countries,” stressed Messahel.
The FM said he was not “directly” interested in what Europeans could do to address this crisis.
“I am not directly interested in what Europeans can do. This is their business. I believe that Europeans have the capacity, the means and the imagination to deal with this kind of situation,” he said.
Regarding NGOs’ criticism of the management of the migration crisis by Algeria, particularly in the country’s south, the FM stated that these statements “are not innocent” and “are the sole responsibility of their authors.”
“Now that Algeria has been criticized, we know how to deal with this criticism. This criticism campaign is not innocent,” affirmed Messahel.
“We are very serene because our actions conform to laws and respect human dignity. They are also part of consultation with transit countries,” concluded Messahel.

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