Messahel underlines need to counter terrorist threats in Arab region

APS : Thursday, 08 September 2016
CAIRO- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel underlined, Thursday in Cairo, the need to seriously address the difficult situation in some Arab countries and to mobilize all capacities to counter terrorism and curb its repercussions on the region.
“The Arab region is witnessing dangerous developments entailing the necessity to seriously and responsibly address them and mobilize all capacities to counter them and curb their repercussions on our States and our nations, especially the threats of terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the proliferation of terrorist groups, particularly those belonging to Daech,” said Messahel in his speech at the 146th session of the Arab Foreign Ministers’ Council.
“The terrorist threats on the security and stability of many countries are increasing, due to the failure to stop the expansion of the scourge, which is known for its massive use of social networks and Internet, its close link with cross-border organized crime, the expansion of its funding sources, its power in some regions and its control over natural resources and weapons,” he added.
Messahel reiterated the need to strengthen bilateral, regional and international cooperation to counter the scourge as well as the root causes and forms of violent extremism.
The minister also recalled the international conference, held in Algiers on 7 and 8 September, on “the role of democracy in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism.” The conference was an opportunity to underline the importance of the democratic response and the rule of law in the protection of countries and peoples from all forms of terrorist violence, he said.
In this regard, Messahel reiterated call for the “political resolution” of crises shaking some Arab countries, adding that the recent announcement by Libya’ Presidential Council of its full readiness to submit a new Government of national accord to the House of Representatives for approval “is a major step likely to accelerate the political process in the neighbouring and brotherly country.”
As for the crisis in Syria, Messhal reiterated Algeria’s stand in favour of a political solution based on negotiations and inclusive dialogue, expressing the hope that contacts underway will lead to an agreement to resume political talks and a consensual political solution that ensures Syria’s unity, sovereignty and respect for the willingness of its people.
As regards Yemen, Messahel expressed the hope that talks between antagonists will resume in order to a reach a consensual political settlement that preserves the sovereignty, stability and social cohesion of this country.
Speaking about the Palestinian cause, the minister stated that this issue “is of paramount importance to us” faced with Israel’s obstinacy, its repeated aggressions against the Palestinian people and infringement to the peace process, which is a flagrant challenge to the international community.
Besides, Messahel stated that “the reform of the Arab League constitutes a tremendous challengeto adapt the Arab action to developments and changes witnessed by peoples and the world in general, mainly in terms of international relations, stating that the four working groups should finalize the results of their works so that to submit them to the next Arab summit for adoption.
In this regard, he underscored the importance of speeding up the presentation of these results in order to face the current challenges and make the Arab action more efficient.

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