Messahel: Results of Oran High Level Forum to be raised at upcoming African Summit

APS : Monday, 11 December 2017
ORAN (Algeria)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel said Sunday, in Oran (Algeria), that the results of the Oran High Level Forum on “Effective and Lasting Responses to Terrorism: Regional Approach,”
will be raised at the upcoming African summit scheduled for end of January in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
In a statement to the press on the sidelines of this two-day forum, co-organized by Algeria and the African Union Commission (AU), the minister said that the results of this important meeting will be raised at the upcoming African Summit, expressing his wish that the forum will be an opportunity for more coordination between African partners.
“Algeria works to share its experience, particularly with the African brothers to standardize vision and strengthen cooperation in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism,” said Messahel, emphasizing on the importance of such meetings which allow exchanging experiences and ideas and benefiting from analyses of experts and various actors in the field.
The Algerian Foreign minister reiterated that Algeria is ready to share its experience in the field of the fight against violent extremism and terrorism, underlining that that “the mandate entrusted to the president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika by his peers at the AU, as a coordinator of the African Union’s efforts in the field of the prevention and the fight against terrorism is a recognition of our continent to the sacrifices made by the Algerian people in its fight against terrorism.”
In this regard, Messahel said the president of the Republic assumes this role with a spirit of cooperation, increased efforts and initiative, adding that “the memorandum he presented to this African counterparts is driven by a common ambition to mobilize energies, create a climate of mutual aid and solidarity, establish strategies and implement action plans for the protection of Africa and its population against terrorist threat and its devastating effects.”

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