Messahel reiterates in Tripoli Algeria’s support to Libya


APS : Thursday, 21 April 2016

TRIPOLI- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel has reiterated in Tripoli Algeria’s support to Libya in all fields.
During an audience granted to him by Fayez al-Sarraj, Chairman of the Presidential Council and Prime Minister of the Government of National Concord of Libya, and other members of the Presidential Council, Messahel reiterated Algeria’s support in this decisive stage witnessed by the sister and neighbouring country, Libya, and expressed constant readiness to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all areas, particularly through the development of border regions, training and expertise.
In this regard, it has been agreed to reinvigorate and update the existing cooperation instruments between the two countries.
For his part, al-Sarraj thanked President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika for Algeria’s strong support, since the beginning of the crisis, to the United Nations-led political process and to the Presidential Council, as well as to all its efforts for the restoration of peace, security and stability in Libya.
Al-Sarraj said to be pleased that Messahel was the first Arab, African and neighbouring country’s minister to visit Tripoli since the return and the establishment of the Presidential Council in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.
He also underlined the measures taken for the re-establishment of the authority of the State to ensure lasting peace, security and stability in Libya and to end the suffering of its people.
He added that he relied on Algeria to assist the new authorities to address the institutional, political and security challenges, and counter terrorism.
During a press conference held jointly with First Vice Chairman of the Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq at the end of the audience, Algeria’s support to the ongoing political process in Libya and the strengthening of cooperation were underlined.
Maiteeq insisted on the importance of the visit, which is the first visit of an Arab, African and a neighbouring country’s minister to Tripoli, to be added to all the initiatives undertaken by Algeria to find a lasting solution to the conflict in Libya and to bridge positions between the involved parties.
He also underlined that Algiers hosted many rounds of talks and negotiations, under the aegis of the UN, and which have contributed to reach a political agreement.
He said that his country rejects any foreign intervention in Libya adding that the new authorities are making every effort to involve all Libyan parties to resolve the crisis.
Maiteeq also renewed his country’s interest in drawing on Algeria’s experience in the national concord and reconciliation.
During the press conference, Messahel said that Algeria has always called for the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya and the unity of its people, and has constantly supported the political solution through dialogue with all Libyan parties and bridging positions to end the conflict.
He also reiterated Algeria’s position rejecting interference in internal affairs of other countries, and refusing in the same way any interference in its internal affairs.
As regards cooperation, Messahel announced that a meeting would be held shortly to examine the development of border regions and identify concrete actions to strengthen ties of friendship between the two brother peoples and counter any criminal and terrorist incursions.
He also announced the forthcoming reopening of the Algerian Embassy and Consulate General in Libya.
Messahel, accompanied by members of the Presidential Council, visited the Algerian Embassy in Libya.

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