Messahel reiterates Algeria’s position of non-interference in internal affairs of countries, peaceful settlement of crisis



NEW YORK (United Nations) – Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel reiterated Algeria’s position against the interference in the internal affairs of States and for peaceful settlement of crises through dialogue and national reconciliation,
praising the Algerian-Russian coordination in the field.
In an interview with the Russian TV channel “RT Arabic,” on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Messahel stressed “Algeria’s experience in the fight against violent extremism thanks to the concord and national reconciliation policy initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.”
He added that “Algeria has also an experience in managing the comeback of terrorist organizations’ fighters, an experience it shares with Russia, which is facing the return from Syria and Iraq of foreign fighters of Russian origin,” through security coordination between Algiers and Moscow.
“North Africa and the Middle East are under threat considering the situation in the Sahel and Libya, which requires more coordination between our two countries,” he said.
“There are no serious steps from the international community for the restoration of peace and stability in some parts of the world.”
The Algerian Foreign Minister underlined that “Algeria has a firm position over the crises in the world, a position that defends non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, and which rejects any interference in our internal affairs, a sacred principle to the Algerians,” Messahel said.
“This has allowed us to be on good terms with all the protagonists of a given country, like Libya, where Algeria has the same relations with all the parties” to the conflict.
Concerning the crisis in Syria, “Algeria, from the outset, was against the freeze of Syria’s membership in the Arab League and we are making efforts for Damascus to regain its place within the regional organization,” Messahel said, praising the quality of relations between Algiers and Damascus.
He recalled that he paid a visit to Syria, which coincided with the 60th anniversary of the independence of that country, adding that he was carrying a message of support to Syrian people in their fight against terrorism and another message calling for a political solution through national reconciliation among the Syrian people.
Mentioning the crisis in the Gulf, the minister said that during his latest trip to the region, he conveyed a clear message from the president of the Republic that “Algeria recommends internal solutions among the concerned parties, and supports any mediation from neighbouring States, given that any crisis has a direct impact on adjacent countries, such as in the Libya crisis and with the neighbouring countries of Syria and Iraq.”
“Algeria has no proposal for the settlement of the Gulf crisis as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has the appropriate mechanisms and instruments to resolve disagreements” with other countries as well as among its member States, Messahel said.
“We prefer that the member countries of the GCC resort to such mechanisms to resolve their disagreements,” the Foreign Minister stressed, greeting the initiative of Kuwait’s Emir for the settlement of the crisis in the region.”
Mentioning Algerian-Russian relations, Messahel said Algiers and Moscow have “historical” and “special” relations, adding that his meeting with Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov of Russia on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, in New York, came ahead of Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev’s visit to Algiers, scheduled for October 10.
The Algerian official said the visit of President Medvedev to Algiers will culminate in the signing of significant agreements in various fields, such as agriculture, agribusiness, engineering industry and energy.
Those cooperation areas are likely to give a fresh impetus to economic relations between the two countries.
The visit will also be an opportunity to boost partnership in the economic field as agreed upon during the last session of the Algerian-Russian joint commission, he underlined.
An Algerian-Russian businessmen meeting bringing together more than 70 companies from both countries was held on the sidelines of the session, to discuss partnership opportunities between employers from Algeria and Russia.
On UN reform, Messahel said “we have insisted, as Algerians and Africans, on the role of the United Nations,” adding that the UN is in need of deep reforms “allowing it to play a predominant role in international relations.”
The Algerian official praised the African Union plan for the UN reform.
On the Arab League, Algeria “submitted proposals for a deep reform of the Arab organization which should meet the requirements of today’s world, a world in perpetual evolution”.
He mentioned the “important stages the African Union went through as a result of deep reforms undertaken by Africans.”
“Africa speaks today with one voice.”

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