Messahel reiterates Algeria’s “consistent position” for political settlement to Libyan crisis

APS : Sunday, 12 February 2017
ALGIERS- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel reiterated Sunday, in Algiers, Algeria’s “consistent position” in favour of the political process initiated by the United Nations for a final settlement of the Libyan crisis, said the ministry of Foreign Affairs in a communiqué.
At the end of a meeting with a large Libyan delegation representing the region of Zentan, Messahel reiterated Algeria’s consistent position regarding the crisis in Libya.
In addition, this position “is based on the equidistance vis-à-vis all the Libyan parties, the support to the political process initiated by the United Nations for the final settlement of the conflict through a national dialogue extended to all the Libyan stakeholders, the respect of Libya’s sovereignty and the non-interference in its internal affairs.”
The meeting particularly focused on the prospects “to give an impetus to the consensual and lasting political solution to the crisis in Libya able to preserve the country’s unity and territorial integrity and the cohesion of its people, and to strengthen the process of the inter-Libyan inclusive dialogue for national reconciliation,” added the statement.
On this occasion, the members of the Zentan delegation gave a presentation on the situation in Libya and the ways to resolve the crisis in the country, underlined the communiqué.
The members of the delegation also hailed Algeria’s “tireless efforts” to support the implementation of the political solution within the framework of the Libyan political agreement signed in December 2015.”
This visit is part of the meetings with the Libyan parties, personalities and political leaders in the wake of the recent developments of the situation in Libya “as part of the efforts made by Algeria to bring the Libyan parties’ points of view closer,” added the statement.
Messahel holds discussions with Congo’s FM
ALGIERS- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel on Sunday held discussions with Congo’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Congolese Nationals Abroad Jean-Claude Gakosso, who is on a working visit to Algeria.
In a statement to the press following the discussions, Messahel said that they focused mainly on the situation in Libya, particularly the outcomes of the African Union High Level Committee’s meeting, held in January in Brazzaville.
For his part, Gakosso underlined Algeria’s “key role” and its efforts for the political resolution of the crisis in Libya.
“Messahel explained to me the current situation in Libya. I needed this information to bring it to the Congolese President, Denis Sasso-Nguesso, who chairs the AU High Level Committee on Libya,” he said.
Gakosso also emphasized Algeria’s “strategic position” on the Libyan crisis, adding that Algeria’s expertise is very useful for the High Level Committee.
The AU High Level Committee is in charge of following up the situation in Libya and seeking means to reach a consensual solution to the conflict.
The Committee is made up of five countries (Mauritania, Niger, Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa) and has been expanded, at Algeria’s request, to Libya’s neighbouring countries.

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