Messahel praised Algerian-Russian “privileged relations”


APS : Thursday 24 January 2019

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel on Thursday in Algiers praised the “historic and privileged relations” between Algeria and Russia, underlining the two countries’ desire to “strengthen them further”.
“This dynamics in the relations between our two countries reflects the orientations contained in the Joint Declaration of Strategic Partnership signed between the two countries in 2001,” he told a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on a visit to Algiers.
Reiterating both countries’ willingness to diversify the areas of bilateral cooperation and to enhance trade and investment, Messahel said he had discussed “at length” with his Russian counterpart the “need to give a much larger economic content” to this bilateral relationship so it “really meets the expectations of both peoples and governments.”
As such, he stressed the importance of “strengthening dialogue on energy questions,” particularly with regard to prices and market stability.
Cooperation priorities will be defined during the 9th session of the Algerian-Russian Joint Economic Commission, which will be held in Moscow from 28 to 30 January 2019, said the Foreign Minister.
The meeting “will allow establish a road map to monitor the implementation of the objectives that will be set.”

The Algerian and Russian Foreign Ministers also discussed the crises in Algeria’s neighboring countries, and the fight against terrorism.
The two ministers exchanged views and respective analyzes on the situations of crisis and conflict, particularly in Syria, Libya, Mali and the Sahel, Western Sahara, Yemen and the Palestinian question.
Abdelkader Messahel welcomed the “convergence of views” between Algeria and Russia on the need to endorse political solutions and peaceful settlement of these crises.
There is “a convergence of views on the principle of respect for the peoples’ sovereignty, respect for territorial integrity, respect of United Nations decisions and their implementation, particularly with regard to Palestine and Sahara Western questions,” he detailed.
The head of Algerian diplomacy also noted a “convergence of views” between Algeria and Russia on the situation in Syria and Palestine, assuring that “there are no alternatives than the solution based on the respect for the will of the people and respect for international law.”

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