Messahel: Algeria supports any initiative to help Libyans in search of solution to crisis

APS : Tuesday, 25 April 2017
ALGIERS- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and the Arab league Abdelkader Messahel said that Algeria welcomes all kinds of initiative that supports Libyans in the search of a solution to this crisis in their crisis.
Speaking in Canal Algerie’s programme “Questions d’actu,” Messahel said, answering a question on “the future of the tripartite (Algeria-Tunisia-Egypt),” that Algeria “is not against a three-party meeting on Libya.”
“We welcome all kinds of initiatives that support Libyans in the search of a solution. I myself took part in a tripartite meeting at the ministerial level,” said the minister, adding that “as for a possible summit, two conditions must be met: first of all, there must be a preparation, and those mainly concerned, namely Libyans, are a stakeholder in this kind of initiative.”
“A summit marks the result, but not the start of a political process,” underlined Messahel.
The minister also said that “one thing excluded, and that is dialogue with terrorists.”
“Major terrorists are identified in Libya or elsewhere. The reference for us, is the groups listed by the United Nations. In Libya, there are three (Daesh, Al Qiada, Anssar Charia). We are for the peaceful, political dialogue, but not for the dialogue of weapons,” said the minister.
Furthermore, Messahel cited two” important indicators” favourable to the political process in Libya. The first, regarding a discreet meeting between Libyans, recently held in Roma (Italy). In this regard, Messahel called to encourage antagonistic to meet even if, at the beginning, “it is not that easy.’
“But with time, people will find consensus points that could be done discreetly,” he said.
The second indicator is relative to “the establishment of the United Nations mission in Tripoli, Libya which, until now has operated from Tunis.”
For the minister, it is important that a UN mission is deployed to Libya because it will facilitate dialogue in Libya. Furthermore, the UN guarantees the implementation of the political agreement through the Security Council’s resolution 22/59.

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