Messahel: Algeria attaches "great importance" to economic aspect of foreign policy

APS : Tuesday, 25 October 2016
ALGIERS-Minister for Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel highlighted Monday in Algiers the importance attached by Algeria to the economic aspect of its foreign policy.
“Since his election to the highest office in 1999, President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has always attached an increasing importance to our country’s foreign policy through deepening vision and modernizing mechanisms of its implementation,” Messahel said in the opening speech of the double celebration of the National Diplomacy Day and the United Nations Day.
He affirmed that economic diplomacy “has laid the foundations for a macroeconomic stability that allows Algeria resist and adapt to global recurrent financial and oil crisis.”
“Current efforts have led to the setting up of new mechanisms to ensure an increasing mobilization of national and international capitals and make our country a developing one, a country that benefits from a better regional, African and global integration,” he stressed.
“Actually, these measures are at the heart of the competitive economic strategy aiming at boosting productive investment and strengthening the supply of goods and services so as to meet requirements of the national market as well as regional and international markets,” Messahel stated.
The same official affirmed that the Algerian diplomatic apparatus “actively contributes to the implementation of this strategy.”
“Advances have been witnessed through constantly increasing investment flows, particularly in the field of non-hydrocarbon products, and the growing interest potential investors show in our country,” Messahel said.
Messahel affirmed that “efforts continue and intensify to fully value the assets of our investment market in a difficult economic environment, as part of a laborious transition of the global economy to a new system in which new technologies will be dominant.”
“These efforts are increasingly directed towards Africa, which has one of the most promising comprehensive partnership potential with our country,” Messahel affirmed.
The African Investment and Business Forum, scheduled for next December in Algiers, will surely open “genuine prospects” to strengthen economic and commercial relations with Africa.
This forum, he added, “is expected to strengthen the highly strategic and structuring investments our country made in Africa through the implementation of the Algiers-Lagos tran-Saharan road project that allows the Sahel region to open up, brings closer peoples of the region and consolidate trade exchanges.”
Besides, Messahel pointed out UN’s key contribution to the success of some major world economic initiatives, “with which the name and efforts of my country are intimately associated.”
“Algeria attaches special importance to the development of its cooperation with the UN, particularly when it comes to facing new global challenges like international terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal migration, cybercrime, money laundering or joint action against the growing scourges of racism, xenophobia and Islamphobia.

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