Medvedev: Russia, Algeria share principle of international law supremacy

APS : Sunday, 08 October 2017
MOSCOW-Russia and Algeria share similar views on various international issues based on compliance with the United Nations Charter and the supremacy of international law, Russia’s Premier Dmitry Medvedev told APS Monday.
“Russia and Algeria have similar views on the right of nations around the world to choose their future and settle their domestic problems without external interference. This must be done peacefully and non-violently, through dialogue based on law,” stressed Medvedev.
“Outside interference is absolutely unacceptable. Only in this way can the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Mali be settled. Only in this way can people in those countries be protected from suffering and wars and have a chance for a normal, tranquil and, most importantly, peaceful life,” affirmed the Russian official.
“We stand for strengthening the leading role of the UN and its Security Council in maintaining peace and security, as well as for a multipolar world. We agree that regional conflicts must be settled diplomatically based on the UN Charter and the supremacy of international law,” stated Medvedev.
As regards the threats of terrorism and transnational organized crime, Russia’s Premier point out the similarity of views between his country and Algeria.
“We agree that the proliferation of terrorism is a global challenge. It is only by joining forces that we can stand up against it. We must do this in a coordinated manner by joining all available forces and definitely with reliance on international law. It is time all states set aside their ambitions and differences so as to unite in order to rout ISIS and other extremist groups, which constitute the biggest challenge to civilisation,” argued Medvedev.
Expressing Russia’s willingness to strengthen cooperation with Algeria in these areas, Medvedev said that both countries “will continue to coordinate their positions on foreign policy issues, including on the situation in the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

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