Media important role to promote cultural richness, diversity in Arab countries

APS : Tuesday, 13 March 2018
KUWAIT- Director General of the Algerian news agency APS Abdelhamid Kacha emphasized the important role of media in the promotion of the cultural richness and diversity in the Arab countries through the exchange of experiences,
expertise and information between media companies.
Guest of a programme on the Kuwaiti channel TV-1 (KTV-1) on the occasion of the official visit that he is paying to this country at the invitation of Director General of the Kuwaiti news agency (KUNA) Sheikh Mubarak Al-Duaij Al-Ibrahim, Kacha said that the exchange between the two agencies will allow the public opinion to better know the diversity of the cultural heritage in Algeria, Kuwait, Maghreb and in the Gulf countries in general, as well as the developments in these countries in various fields.
Kacha affirmed that his visit to Kuwait aims at strengthening the cooperation between the two agencies by updating the provisions of the convention which unites them in the light of the technological development in the world, notably in terms of exchange of information, photos and videos.
In this regard, he underlined the “excellent” relations between Algeria and Kuwait at the political and economic levels, relations which require to be further consolidated in the cultural field.
After pointing out that Algeria is among the Arab countries “with the biggest cultural diversity,” Kacha affirmed that this asset “is not sufficiently well-known,” adding that “culture in Algeria is experiencing a real blossoming.”
In this regard, he cited the publication of about one hundred of books annually, particularly in Arabic and Tamazight, the two national and official languages in accordance with the provisions of the new Constitution.

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