Malians must implement Algiers Peace Agreement by themselves

APS : Friday, 26 January 2018
PARIS-Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel on Friday said that Malians must implement the Peace Agreement resulting from the process of Algiers by themselves, stressing that Algeria “has invested a lot” in this process.
“We invested a lot in the process that led to the Algiers agreements. Like in Libya, we still think that Malians are the first concerned. They must implement this process by themselves and they are able to do it,” said Messahel in an interview to Fench radio Radio France Internationale (RFI).
Speaking on the sidelines of the Council of Ministers of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Messahel affirmed that he was “certain” if the process “is genuinely implemented without interference, Mali will reach great milestones in the return of peace and stability as well as in the preservation of its unity and sovereignty.
“We are making efforts to get things done part of a common willingness,” said Messahel, stressing that every initiative to bridge views “will be welcomed.”
“Today, Mali is facing many challenges including security and development. We welcome any party that brings Malians together,” he continued.
In response to a question on Malian terrorist Yad Ag Ghali, the FM said that he was “blacklisted” by the United Nations (UN). Algeria, which implements UN decisions, fights against these terrorists.
“Iyad Ag Ghali was allied with terrorist Belmokhtar and others when Algerian diplomats were kidnapped in Gao,” stated Messahel.

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