Mali peace agreement: 5+5 Dialogue’s member states greet Algeria-led mediation


APS : Thursday, 08 October 2015
ALGIERS- Ministers and delegation chiefs of the +5 Dialogue’s member states an their partners, met on October 6-7 in Tangier, Morocco, greeted Algeria-led mediation that was crowned in an agreement on peace and reconciliation in Mali.
“At the end of Tangier’s meeting, participants unanimously adopted the conference’s conclusions, in which the ministers praised the success of Algeria’s mediation which was crowned by an agreement on peace and reconciliation in Mali,” the ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thursday in a statement.
The participating states have been “called for a support to the monitoring committee and to make a success of the next donors meeting in Paris,” while underlining the “role of Libya’s neighbouring countries.”
They, besides, “praised Algeria’ hosting of an international conference on deradicalization, followed by a summit meeting during the current UN General Assembly.”
At the meeting, the secretary general of Algeria’s ministry of Foreign Affairs and chief of its mission, Abdelhamid Senouci Bereksi, in an address, stressed the importance Algeria attaches to this forum devoted to consultation and cooperation among the Mediterranean nations.”

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