Major General Hamel calls, in Germany, to strengthen operational aspects of fight against crime

APS : Thursday, 17 November 2016
ALGIERS- Director General of National Police Major General Abdelghani Hamel called Wednesday, in Mainz (Germany), to “strengthen the operational aspects to face crime and limit its progress.”
Major General Hamel, who is taking part in Mainz in the two-day high-level meeting of the Federal Criminal Police Office, underlined that the meeting is “an opportunity to reach an agreement on the need to fight against crime and work for the strengthening of the operational aspects to face the development of the modes and methods of this scourge,” said a communiqué of the general directorate of the National Police (DGSN).
The official emphasized the need “to adapt to the accelerated scientific developments by resorting to the most modern methods of fight against crime.” it is also, added the source, “to ensure the capacities and the specialized training as well as to consolidate the mechanism of information exchange between the police forces as part of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Iterpol).”
The director general of the National Police broached the “phenomena of the exploitation of criminal networks and their negative repercussions on the sustainable development.”
In this regard, the official presented “Algeria’s pioneering experience in terms of fight against crime, terrorism and extremism,” added the source.

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