Living together in peace: Algeria’s merit in principles of peace, coexistence recognized

APS : Wednesday, 16 May 2018
ALGIERS-Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) to Algiers Abdelkader Taleb Omar on Wednesday affirmed that the celebration by countries worldwide of the International Day of “Leaving Together in Peace”,
upon Algeria’s proposal is recognition of the merit of Algeria in terms of peace and peaceful coexistence after it managed to defeat terrorism.
This is the best response to those who try to tarnish the reputation of Algeria, “the citadel of free men,” said the Sahrawi official.
In an exclusive interview to APS, Taleb Omar praised the Algerian Government and people, under the leadership of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for proposing the proclamation of 16 May International Day of “Living Together in Peace.”
This event is an “international recognition of Algeria’s merit in the entrenchment of the principles of peace and security worldwide after it addressed terrorism.”
For the Sahrawi diplomat, “Algeria, under the judicious leadership of its leaders, managed to export its own experience in the fight against terrorism which attempted to spread anarchy and destruction in the 1990s. Furthermore, Algeria was the first country to fight against ransom payment and terrorism funding. It is a model to follow in the entrenchment of peace and reconciliation.”
“Today, the country exports its particular experience to countries of the world that are unable to face this scourge,” affirmed the Sahrawi ambassador.
“Algeria also managed to spread the values of peace, brotherhood and solidarity among its neighbouring countries and worldwide, through unconditional support to liberation movements and oppressed countries in the world,” recalled Taleb Omar.
Besides, he stressed that the Algerian State “helped its neighbour country, Western Sahara, to preserve its right to self-determination, as it did with all liberation movements, unlike some countries that claim to advocate peace but use it to oppress, repress and colonize.”
Taleb Omar also stated that the Sahrawi people and leadership remain prone to peace in the region, a peace based on the principles of justice, democracy and respect to others.
“Peace cannot be achieved on the base of injustice and the friendship, solidarity and equity ties cannot be strengthened with oppression, contempt and colonization,” he concluded.

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