Libya’s neighbouring countries committed to UN-sponsored political solution


APS : Wednesday, 02 December 2015

ALGIERS-Representatives of countries neighboring Libya reaffirmed Tuesday in Algiers their “certainty” that a political solution as proposed by the United Nations constitutes a “credible basis” to resolve the crisis in Libya in a sustainable manner.
At the end of their seventh meeting, representatives of Libya’s neighboring countries expressed their conviction that “the political solution as proposed by the United Nations constitutes a credible basis to solve the crisis in Libya in a sustainable way and guarantee its sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and national unity,” the final communiqué stated.
Besides the FMs of Egypt, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, Libya, Sudan, representatives of the Arab League, the African Union and the European Union took part in the meeting chaired by the Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.
They welcomed the participation of New Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Martin Kobler “expressed their full support in its mission to reach a political and peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya,” he stressed, praising at the same time” the efforts of his predecessor, Bernardino Leon, whose contribution has been instrumental in developing a political agreement as a positive and constructive solution.”
At the meeting, ministers discussed the “particularly serious” situation experienced by the Libyan brotherly people due to the consequences of the political and security crisis, including the deteriorating conditions of the Libyan people and the destruction of the national potentialities of Libya.
On this occasion, they expressed their “profound” concern about the continuing clashes and call for putting an end to this situation.
They furthermore expressed their great concern about the spread of terrorism in Libya, especially Daech, Al Qaeda and Ansar Sharia and called for “intensifying and coordinating” efforts to deal with this phenomenon.
The Ministers expressed their conviction that the Libyans have the ability to transcend their differences and advance the best interests of the Libyan people above all other considerations.
They stressed that the “advent of a government of national agreement must benefit from the help and support of the international community to address the multiple political, security and economic challenges facing Libya.”
They reiterated their call to the Libyan parties for dialogue to approve the Political Agreement submitted by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and to seize this turning point to meet the expectations and aspirations of the Libyan people, which explicitly expressed their ardent desire to live in peace.
Terrorists take advantage of absence of solution to crisisin Libya
Participants alsoemphasized “solemnly the determination of their countries to give their full support to the Libyan authorities upon installation of the Government of national reconciliation and support them in their reconstruction efforts.
“Inthis regard, they call on the international community, particularly the United Nations through the Security Council, to support all national institutions to encourage the transition, considering that “no solution to the crisis benefits to terrorism and its various connections related to organized crime and other types of cross-border trafficking, including drugs, weapons and foreign fighters and illegal immigration, which constitute a threat to peace, stability and Libya the countries of the region.
Representatives of neighboring countries have expressed their gratitude to Algeria for its important role in encouraging Parties in favor of a political solution to the Libyan crisis.

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