Libyan crisis resolution: Algeria to continue playing “leading role”

APS : Thursday, 30 January 2020
BRAZAVILLE- Algeria will continue to play a “leading role” in the settlement, as soon as possible, of the Libyan crisis, affirmed Thursday, in Brazzaville (Congo), Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum.
“Algeria will continue to play a leading role in the resolution, as soon as possible, of the crisis in Libya. The main principles of the Algerian initiative are known. The solution can only be political and peaceful and can only come from the Libyans themselves with the international support and notably neighboring countries,” said Boukadoum in a statement to APS.
Boukadoum accompanied Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerrad, representative of the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in the 8th AU High Level Summit on Libya whose works will kick off Thursday.
He said that Algeria has, as part of its efforts aimed at reaching a solution to the Libyan crisis, “relaunched several mechanisms notably that of the neighboring countries with Libya as well as Mali, given the effects of the Libyan conflict on this country.”
Algiers hosted, on January 13th, the foreign minister meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Sudan and Niger) to establish coordination and promote dialogue between these countries and the international players so that to accompany the Libyans in the revitalization of the political settlement process of the crisis through an inclusive dialogue between the different Libyan parties.
Boukadoum said that “Algeria participates in all events that could lead to a settlement of the Libyan conflict,” pointing out, in this regard, “Algeria’s active participation in the Berlin International Conference, held on January 19th in Germany, and marked by the participation of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune.
Concerning the 8th AU High Level Summit on Libya, Foreign minister said that Algeria’s participation aims to “give a more important role to the African Union in the resolution of the Libyan crisis.”
He affirmed that “many players are waiting that Algeria to expresses its position on the Libyan issue,” adding that “people listen to us now, more than before.”

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