Libyan crisis: Algeria ready to reconcile Libyan warring parties’ positions

APS : Thursday, 30 January 2020

BRAZZAVILLE – Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad reiterated Thursday, in Brazzavile (Republic of Congo), “Algeria’s readiness” to bring the positions of Libyan warring parties closer
and host any inter-Libyan meeting aimed at “helping to find a solution to the crisis and lay the foundations for a new stable state.”
“Algeria, which shows maximum neutrality, while supporting the legitimacy of internationally recognized institutions. It reiterates, today, its readiness to bring the positions of the warring parties closer and to host any meeting between the Libyan brothers to help find a solution to the crisis and lay the foundations for a new stable state,” Djerad said at the opening of the 8th summit of the African Union (AU) High-Level Committee on Libya.
Djerad, who represents President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, at the summit, said that the meeting, “is devoted to the examination of a crisis affecting a neighboring country with which Algeria has very strong and ancestral ties.”
Describing the situation in Libya as “very complex,” he noted that this high-level African summit is being held as part of regional and international efforts to bring Libya out of the rut it has been in for some years.
“Algeria is fully committed to find a solution to the crisis in Libya through a political and peaceful solution based on dialogue between Libyans, despite their differences and political positions,” he added.
The Prime Minister recalled that these positions were confirmed at the consultation meeting of the foreign ministers of Libya’s neighbouring countries held in Algiers on 23 January on Libya.
“This approach was also confirmed by President Tebboune at the international conference on Libya, held on 19 January in Berlin (Germany), which put forward a roadmap on the need for a ceasefire between the two warring parties, the imposition of an arms embargo and the resumption of the peaceful process under the aegis of the United Nations, far from any foreign interference,” said Djerad.
On that occasion, he urged the AU High Level Committee on Libya to act to find a solution to the crisis.
He moreover underlined the need for the Arab Union to play a key role in the resolution of this conflict,
“It does not make sense to marginalize Africa in an issue that affects an AU member state and which is experiencing a fratricidal war,” he said, adding that this “very troubling” situation could have repercussions in neighbouring countries.
The Prime Minister affirmed that “Algeria will spare no effort to support the High-Level Committee alongside the United Nations to help the Libyan parties find consensual solutions that will enable the restoration of peace and stability in a sustainable manner in this brotherly country.”
“It’s obvious that a political solution, based on dialogue between all the Libyan parties, is the only way to preserve Libya’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity and the integrity of its people,” He concluded.
The works of the 8th Summit of the AU High Level Committee on Libya continues behind closed doors.

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