Libya: FMs of Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt reiterate support to political solution

APS : Thursday, 13 June 2019
TUNIS-Foreign Ministers of Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, respectively Sabri Boukadoum, Khemaies Jhinaoui et Sameh Choukri, reiterated Wednesday in Tunis their deep “concern” over the situation in Libya.
The ministers also discussed the joint and complementary efforts to be made under the tripartite initiative, and affirmed “their commitment to pool Libyan parties’ viewpoints and convince them of an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.”
They also called all parties to spare the brotherly Libyan people more suffering and to ensure that Libya’s supreme interest prevails.
In the same connection, the FMs urged all Libyan parties to show flexibility, stop escalation and resume the political process under an inter-Libyan inclusive dialogue.
Stressing that no military solution can be envisaged to the Libyan crisis, the FMs underlined the need to preserve and back the political process in order to address the crisis through the mission of the United Nations (UN) to Libya, in accordance with the provisions of the political agreement and under the implementation of the UN plan adopted by the Security Council on 10 October 2017.
They also rejected any foreign interference in Libya’s internal affairs, as an element that exacerbates the situation in that country.
The three ministers condemned the flows of weapons towards Libya, sent by some parties in the region and others, infringing the relevant resolutions of the Security Council.
The FMs of Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt called the Security Council to assume its responsibilities vis-a-vis the violation of decisions to ban arms exports to Libya.
As regards terrorism, they underlined the need to continue counterterrorism coordination and cooperation between the three countries and to dry up its sources. They also advocated the support of Libya’s efforts to combat this scourge.
They also expressed deep concern over the flow of terrorist fighters in Libya and the exploitation by some units and entities concerned by UN sanction lists of the current situation to destabilize and undermine security in Libya and neighbouring countries.
Reiterating their commitment to Libya’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the three FMs emphasized the need to unify all Libyan institutions and to help them assume their responsibilities in the representation of the Libyan people.
The FMs renewed their determination to pursue cooperation and to optimize political and security coordination to help the Libyan brotherly people achieve a solution that ends the crisis and restores hope to the Libyan people as soon as possible.
In this connection, the FMs agreed to the necessary measures to trigger a ceasefire and resume the political process in cooperation with United Nations Secretary General and the Security Council.
The FMs welcomed the efforts made by regional parties to re-open the political process in Libya under the UN aegis, including the last of which dates back to the African Union (AU) Troika Summit on Libya held in Cairo on 23 April 2019.
They agreed to hold the next meeting in Algiers.

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