Libya crisis: Messahel reiterates Algeria's position based on political solution

APS : Thursday, 22 September 2016
NEW YORK- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel underlined, Thursday in New York, that the political solution, based on the inclusive inter-Libyan dialogue and national reconciliation, “is the only means likely to preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of Libya, as well as the cohesion of its people away from any foreign interference.”
In his address at the ministerial meeting on Libya, co-chaired by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Messahel reiterated Algeria’s firm and continuous support to the political process initiated by the United Nations for the resolution of the conflict, through the implementation of the Libyan political agreement, signed in December 2015.
The meeting, which is the third of its kind after those held in Rome in December 2015 and in Vienna in May 2016, has brought together ministers of twenty countries, including Algeria.
Messahel also encouraged the Libyan Presidential Council to form a government of broad national consensus, representing all political forces, and called on the House of Representatives to endorse this government.
The minister warned against the consequences resulting from the absence of a consensual solution to the crisis, adding that Libya has the human and material resources that would enable it to overcome the current difficulties.
In this regard, Messahel called on all parties in the country to unite and support the efforts for the resolution of the crisis, through the implementation of the political agreement, signed on 17 December 2015.”
He also urged the international community to “support these efforts to allow the Libyan transitional authorities to fulfil their missions for the building of the State and its institutions, ensuring the stability and security of the country, and combating terrorism as well as improving the living conditions of Libyan people, who have been deeply affected by the conflict.”
Messahel underlined Algeria’s contribution to “bridging positions” of Libyan parties and for the “convergence of views.”
The minister also reaffirmed Algeria’s commitment to continue supporting the Libyan Presidential Council, and help it fulfil its missions for the restoration of peace, security and stability in the country.
In the joint communiqué, adopted at the end of the meeting, the participants reiterate their support to the preservation of sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and national cohesion of Libyan people.”
They also reaffirmed support to the political solution initiated by the United Nations, through the implementation of the Libyan political agreement and welcomed the decision of the Libyan Presidential Council to combat Daesh and other terrorist groups, which are threatening peace, stability and security in the country.
The communiqué underlined that “Libyans should decide their future without foreign interference,” and called for dialogue and national reconciliation to resolve the crisis, adding that “only unified national forces can truly ensure security and defend the country from terrorism.”

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