Libya: Algeria welcomes ceasefire, calls for rapid resumption of dialogue

ALGIERS – Algeria on Sunday welcomed ceasefire in Libya, calling on all the Libyan groups to comply with it and rapidly resume the process of national all-inclusive dialogue,
said the foreign ministry in a communiqué.
“Algeria calls on the Libyan groups to rapidly resume the all-inclusive national dialogue with a view to reaching political peaceful solution taking into account the supreme interest of Libya and its people,” added the communiqué.
In this regard, Algeria recalls its “steadfast position in favor of political and peaceful settlement through inter-Libyan dialogue” and renews its appeal for all the parties to “make prevail wisdom and dialogue to get this neighboring country out the crisis it is has been experiencing and, which threatens the stability of the neighboring countries and the region as a whole,” added the source.
Besides, Algeria reaffirms that it “will pursue its efforts for a political and peaceful solution guaranteeing the unity and the sovereignty of the Libyan people, in peace and stability without foreign interference, which only aggravated the situation and underlined the efforts for a solution through dialogue,” concluded the communiqué.

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