Lesotho’s Minister of Police and Public Safety on working visit to Algeria

ALGIERS- The minister of Police and Public Safety of the Kingdom of Lesotho Mampho Mokhele started Sunday, a working visit to Algeria by going to the Central
Laboratory of Forensic and Technical Police and to the National Police’s Command and Control Center.
The Mosotho minister visited the various departments and services of the Police’s Central Laboratory, particularly the services of DNA analysis, the automatic identification of fingerprints and ballistics, where she received detailed explanations on the different materials and means used by forensic police experts and on the experience of the Algerian police in terms of research and investigation, said the General Directorate of National Police (DGSN).
At the level of the DGSN’s Command and Control Center, Mokhele listened to explanations on the importance of the role of this building in the management and deployment of security workforce in charge of the fight against criminality, the regulation of road traffic and dealing with citizens’ calls on the green number 1548 as well as the use of smart systems use in the completion of tasks.
Mampho Mokhele also visited the headquarters of the Algiers province’s Police, where she received a presentation on the new system equipping detention centers.
In this regard, the Minister hailed the approach that “shows the interest granted by the High Command of the Algerian Police, at its head the Director General of National Police, Major General Abdelghani Hamel, to the respect of human rights and the preservation of the dignity of the individuals in custody, as part of the implementation of the law.”

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