Jerusalem: US decision, serious violation to international legality, UN resolutions

APS : Sunday, 10 December 2017
CAIRO (Egypt)- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said at an extraordinary session of the Arab League Council held Saturday, in Cairo, to examine the situation in Palestine,
that US administration’s decision to recognize Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) as capital of Israel was a serious violation of the international legality and the United Nations’ relevant decisions.
In an address at the Arab Council meeting, the minister said this reprehensible and dangerous decision is a grave violation of the international legality and UN decisions.
The US decision, he said, came at a time when we are waiting for a new initiative giving a fresh impetus to the peace process in the region, adding that it will have a negative impact on stability in the whole region.
Messahel stressed the urgent need for a concerted action against the US decision, calling on the international community to assume its responsibility towards the Palestinian people and to put an end to their suffering under Israeli occupation.
He also urged the US administration to withdraw its decision and be unbiased considering its role and responsibility in the peace process in the region.
Reiterating Algeria’s position in favour of Palestinian people’s legitimate right to establish an independent State, with Al-Quds as capital, Messahel said instability in the Arab world is the result of international community’s failure to find a just, comprehensive and final solution to the question of Palestine.

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