Itinerant exhibition “Freedom of expression with great stroke” stops in Algiers


APS : Monday, 01 February 2016

ALGIERS-An exhibition of cartoons dedicated to boards of foreign cartoonists awarded by the Canadian Committee for Freedom of the Press including Algerian cartoonists, has been inaugurated Monday in Algiers by Minister of Communication Hamid Grin and Canadian Ambassador to Algeria Isabelle Roy.
Entitled “Freedom of expression with overarching features”, this itinerant exhibition organized by the National Documentation Centre of Press and Information (Cndpi), in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Algeria was also accompanied by an exhibition of photographs from the archives of Cndpi.
The boards of twenty cartoonists, including Brazilian Elizabeth Alves de França e Silva, Slovak Peter Chmela, Canadian Pierre Brignaud and Iranian Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei, advocating freedom of expression and freedom of the press have been put in the spotlight during this exhibition.
The exposed boards denounced cartoonists’ censorship and restriction of freedoms on the Internet and social networks and the abuses suffered by journalists around the world.
For its part, the Cndpi exhibited a selection of boards of Algerian cartoonists like Slim, whose real name isMenouar Merabtene, Mahfoud Aüder, Ahmed Haroun, HIC (Hisham Baba Ahmed) and MAZ (Mohamed Mazari).
The Cndpi also exhibited photographs of Algerian cities in the 1950s, the Kasbah of Algiers and craftsmen, belonging to the archives of the center.
Other selections are also dedicated to the Ahaggar, Tassili N’Ajjer, oases and palm groves of northern Sahara, and the Algerian historical sites and monuments.
Communications Minister said that this exhibition reflected the “proven talent” of Algerian cartoonists who, he said, have nothing to envy their colleagues from other countries.
This exhibition, he added, also shows “a free expression without limits.”
For her part, Canadian Ambassador to Algeria, Isabelle Roy dubbed “interesting” the fact of associating Algerian cartoons in this exhibition, which brings together award-winning caricaturists at the annual Editorial Cartoon Contest hosted by Canada since 2001.
For the diplomat, this joint exhibition is a “tribute” to the Algerian caricaturists and journalists working for the triumph of freedom of expression “so dearly paid in Algeria,” she said.
Inaugurated Monday, this itinerate exhibition is open until February 5th at the Palace of culture Moufdi-Zakaria.

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