Italy-Africa Conference: Algeria actively contributes to building African peace architecture

APS : Wednesday, 18 May 2016
ROME (Italy)- Algeria is actively participating in building the African Peace and Security Architecture, and has managed no effort for the restoration of stability in its neighbouring countries and in the entire continent,
said Wednesday in Rome Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.
“Algeria is actively participating in building this African body. It has managed no effort to ensure that peace, security and stability prevail in its immediate neighbouring countries and across Africa,” said Messahel in his address at the first Italy-Africa Conference, which was attended by representatives of about 40 African countries.
“These efforts are reflected in the successful mediations in many conflicts, the most recent being Mali crisis, through roles of facilitators jointly with other partners, like in the case of Libya or through many actions within the African Union Peace and Security Council and AU Panel of the Wise,” he added.
Messahel underlined that this contribution “is also visible in Algeria’s hosting and active political and material support to African institutions and organizations, which are participating in the joint peace and security efforts, especially in the fight against the scourge of terrorism, like ACSRT, AFRIPOL and CEMOC.”
In this regard, the minister said that “the chaotic situations in some regions in the continent and elsewhere, resulting from foreign military interventions, have complicated our continent’s peace and stability efforts.”
Those foreign military interventions “allowed terrorist groups to grow stronger and exacerbate their threat on security and stability in many African countries,” he said, adding that terrorism in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa “has worsened the scourge of mass migration in the continent.”
Messahel also called on “partners and international community in general to support the praiseworthy efforts of African countries affected by terrorism, and to help them build their institutional capacities, through training and assistance programmes and by providing necessary equipment.”
“The solution to the migration tragedy requires addressing its root causes, especially development and security issues, which Africa continues to suffer from,” he stressed.
The minister added that “those are only some of the numerous challenges, which Africa is striving to overcome relying first on itself.”
Messahel said that “the continent is also seeking to build win-win partnerships, based on mutual respect and sovereign equality of States, and in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter and the international law.”
“We have great hopes in Italy’s initiative of dialogue and cooperation with our continent, through a mutually beneficial partnership,” said the minister.
He added that the sectors of agriculture, transport, processing industry, basic infrastructures as well as human resources are among the numerous fields with huge investment opportunities for partners in the African continent.
Rome conference, held at the initiative of Italy, aims at “building a strategic partnership between Italy and the African continent in sectors of common interest for both parties.

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