“It is time to address risks, challenges facing Arab nation,” says Bensalah


APS : Monday, 16 April 2018

DHAHRAN (Saudi Arabia)- The speaker of the Council of the Nation, Abdelkader Bensalah, said Sunday in Dhahran, that it was time for Arab States to deal with the risks and challenges facing the nation,”
adding that we must be aware that our security and stability are in jeopardy
Taking part in the 29th Arab summit, as a representative of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Bensalah said the situation prevailing in the Arab region and the whole world requires us to join forces, boost security and stability of Arab States, increase solidarity between the governments and people, settle the conflicts and reform the Arab League, giving it a significant role so that its voice be heard in international fora.”
The Algerian official insisted, in his address, that “the solution for Arab conflicts must not be imposed from abroad.”
The crisis in Libya, the speaker of the Upper House said, “is a matter of concern and interest for Algeria,” calling to intensify actions for a “political and peaceful solution to the crisis to ensure security and stability in this country, without any foreign interference.”
In this regard, Bensalah underlined Algeria’s support to United Nations-sponsored settlement of the crisis in Libya and UN efforts to establish dialogue and achieve reconciliation
Bensalah expressed “Algeria’s deep concern over the escalation of the situation” in Syria and its “impact on our Syrian brothers and the stability in the region.”
He urged for peaceful, political solution which is “the only option to put an end to the conflict, recommending a constructive dialogue among Syrians to achieve unity and reconciliation.”
The representative of President Boutefilika called on the Yemini belligerents to “turn the page of hostilities and favor dialogue, a political solution and reconciliation to guarantee the unity, sovereignty and stability of Yemen.”
Bensalah also called for “the improvement of the deteriorated humanitarian situation (in this country)”.
He also stressed the need to meet the “aspirations of the Yemini people for a decent life.”

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