Istanbul explosion: Algeria expresses solidarity with Turkey, Germany

APS : Tuesday, 12 January 2016
ALGIERS- The Spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Abdelaziz Benali Cherif “strongly” condemned the terrorist attack in Istanbul’s historic centre, expressing Algeria’s solidarity with Turkey and Germany.
“We strongly condemn the terrorist attack committed today in the historic centre of Istanbul, leaving several victims among quiet passers-by and innocent tourists,” said Benali Cherif in a statement to APS.
He added that this “vile and bloody attack shows once again the horrible and hideous face of terrorism and all the international community must respond to the need to promptly and efficiently act through a united and coordinated initiative to contain and eradicate this scourge.”
“In the face of such a crime, that no ends can justify it, we affirm our solidarity with the families of the victims as well the Turkish and German governments and peoples,” affirmed the spokesman.
At least 10 peoples were killed Tuesday morning in a blast that occurred in the tourist district of Sultanahmet, in Istanbul, according to an official toll.

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