Islam in Algeria doesn't exclude the other, advocates living together

ORAN (Algeria)- Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Aissa said Monday that Islam in Algeria doesn’t exclude the other and promotes peace and the living together.
In a press statement on the sidelines of a visit to the fort of Santa Cruz, on the heights of Mount Murdjadjo that overlooks the city of Oran (432-km west of Algiers), and which will host a beatification ceremony on December 8, Mohamed Aissa said Algeria provide facilitation to the Catholic church for this Christian initiative that respects the laws of the Republic.
It will be additional evidence that Islam in Algeria doesn’t exclude other faiths and that it always seeks to establish contacts for peace and living together.”
Algeria has always been a land of dialogue, cooperation and living together in peace,” he stressed.
There is no adversity against the other in the laws of the Algerian Republic, but a strong will to uphold the law and make Muslims and non-Muslims respect it.

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