INTERPOL chief stresses need to strengthen cooperation with regional organizations

APS : Saturday, 05 May 2018
ALGIERS- The president of the international criminal police organization (INTERPOL), Meng Hongwei, underlined, Saturday in Algiers, the need to strengthen cooperation with other regional organizations,
like the African mechanism for police cooperation, AFRIPOL, in order to counter international crime.
“I am attaching special importance to this visit, as president of INTERPOL, owing to the new context marked by the upsurge of international crime, which requires strengthening cooperation with regional police organizations,” Hongwei told the press following his visit to AFRIPOL’s headquarters in Algiers.
INTERPOL chief also hailed Algeria’s efforts and great contribution for the creation of AFRIPOL.
“The efficiency of this African organization is an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen cooperation in order to address new challenges related to international crime,” he added.
Hongwei, who is also China’s Vice Minister of Public Security, said to be in favour of cooperation between his country and AFRIPOL.
For his part, National Police chief, Major General Abdelghani Hamel, also head of AFRIPOL, stressed need for cooperation between the two organizations (AFRIPOL and INTERPOL), especially for the strengthening of police capacity.
“Bilateral cooperation has taken the form of exchange of information, experience and expertise, but we want to build police capacity and improve the level of the different police institutions that are lagging behind,” he added.

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