Interpol chief highlights Algerian police role in fight against crime

APS : Wednesday, 14 December 2016
ALGIERS- Secretary General of Interpol Jürgen Stock on Wednesday in Algiers emphasized the Algerian police role in the fight against the crime in all its forms.
During the 8th meeting of Interpol member-countries’ chiefs of central bureaus for MENA, Stock said that his visit to Algeria “reflects the special interest assigned by Interpol to the role of the Algerian police in the fight against crime in all its forms,” underlining the “huge efforts made by Algeria for the international cooperation and the participatory action.”
The international police organization “pledges to working with all partners among member states and relevant organizations to counter the criminal phenomena and threats, and to strengthen legal frameworks for the fight against crime,” Stock said.
This approach “brings all police bodies to work together and combine efforts in a neutral manner,” he added, pointing out that Interpol “is paying attention to the MENA region, which is plagued by cybercrime, terrorism, human trafficking and drug trafficking.”
For the Interpol chief, the member countries’ central bureaus play a major role in the “enrichment and the exploitation of the data base and the exchange of information necessary in the fight against crime.”
Besides, Stock said that Algeria is one of the countries that “use this database,” as commended by Interpol.
He also stressed “the importance of the specialized training provided by the organization in collaboration with different countries, mainly Algeria, calling on all states to “make greater efforts to combat crime and counter the threats facing the region”.

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