International conference on women's involvement in politics pays homage to President Bouteflika

APS : Sunday, 18 March 2018
ALGIERS- The international conference on women’s involvement in politics paid tribute Saturday, Algiers, to President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika,
in recognition of his “strong commitment” to the promotion of women’s political rights.
The distinction, a painting of women martyrs of the glorious Revolution (1954-1962), was received, on behalf of the head of State, by Minister of Justice.
Women taking part in the event also addressed, in the name of Algerian women, a thanking and recognition message to President Bouteflika, read by MP M’Hamedi Nabila Ahlam, which stressed the president’s efforts and his permanent concern to “promote women’s rights and their participation in public life.”
They also emphasized his “strong commitment to making their political rights among the State’s strategic priorities.”
The message, in addition, underlined the constitutional revision and the provisions enshrining the principle of equity between men and women, improving the chances of women to be represented in elected councils” and opening access for women to get key positions, “especially those that were previously held by men only.”
The Algerian women’s message welcomed President of the Republic’s role in creating a democratic atmosphere making it possible to “tackle various issues, mainly those relating to women.”
They also stressed the president’s commitment to supporting development and welfare, allowing citizens to achieve democratic gains and get constitutional rights, restoring peace and security, carrying on the process of building and modernizing the State’s apparatus and defending just causes in the world.

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