Intensifying political initiatives to resolve conflicts plaguing Arab-Muslim countries

APS : Monday, 26 December 2016
ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday called for intensifying the political and diplomatic initiatives and actions to resolve the conflicts that plague the Arab-Muslim countries.
“The Muslim blood is spilled everyday in every regions of our Arab-Muslim nation. However, Allah the Almighty prohibits bloodshed which is a capital sin and a major crime. It is the first deed for which all humanity will be judged during the Judgment Day,” said President Bouteflika in a message read on his behalf by adviser to the Presidency of the Republic Mohamed Ali Boughazi on the occasion of the opening of the 18th Quran Week.
The Head of the State added that “today, innocent lives are taken in our neighbor country Libya, in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq and in many other countries of the Arab-Muslim world,” stressing that “As Muslims, it is then our responsibility to intensify the initiatives and multiply the political and diplomatic actions to find solutions to those conflicts.”
“As Muslims, we have also to go back to the precepts of our religion, spread its noble message to bring peace to the hearts and quietness to the souls, and achieve peace, security, justice and equality in order to settle the problems and consolidate the unity of the children of a same nation, united by the Qur’an,” he pointed out.
Bearing our spiritual references and human ideals, “the children of our nation have the responsibility for preserving the image of Islam,” President Bouteflika said, highlighting that “this duty rests upon us to work to promote Rahma (mercy) and unity, and to reject violence and all manipulation of our religion.”

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