Installation of Algerian-Senegalese Parliamentary friendship Group

APS : Wednesday, 26 December 2018
ALGIERS- An Algerian-Senegalese Parliamentary friendship Group was set up Tuesday at the headquarters of the People’s National Assembly in order to “strengthen the friendship ties,
bringing views closer and implement a framework suitable for the joint coordination and action,” said a communiqué of the People’s National Assembly.
The installation ceremony was chaired by Abdelhamid Si Affif, head of the committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and National Community Abroad, in the presence of Senegal’s ambassador to Algeria Anta Coulibaly Diallo.
In his speech, Si Affif said that “in addition to the friendship ties between Algeria and Senegal, several indicators affirm that there is a real orientation from the two countries to strengthen their bilateral relations notably in the economic and commercial fields, through the signing of partnership mechanism in 2016, opening of the weekly Dakar-Algiers air service for the transport of goods since 2016, the participation in 2015 of the Business Manager Forum at Dakar’s Economic Forum and the strong presence of Algeria at the 27th International Dakar Fair, held in November 2018.”
“President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has always focused on the African dimension in Algeria’s foreign policy and the support and solidarity with the African peoples through the total cancellation of the African countries’ debts,” said Si Affif.
At the parliamentary level, Si Affif expressed his hope to see the installation of this group contributing to “the strengthening of friendship ties, rapprochement of views and the implementation of a suitable framework for the coordination and the joint action in addition to the need to give a fresh boost to the parliamentary diplomacy.”
For his part, Senegal’s ambassador welcomed the deep relations between the two countries and the efforts made for the promotion of bilateral cooperation, pointing out that the friendship group “will give a fresh boost to the bilateral cooperation in various fields.”

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