Implementing AU’s reform requires “progressive, consensual” handling

APS : Monday, 03 July 2017
ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Monday, in Addis Ababa, that the implementation of the institutional reform of the African Union (AU) “ has proved to be a complex exercise,
full of objective obstacles requiring a progressive and consensual handling.”
“However and in addition to the good willingness to start it, the implementation of this reform has proved to be a complex exercise, full of objective obstacles which require progressive and consensual handling,” said Tebboune in the meeting of consultations of the heads of State and government devoted to the review of strategic and priority issues and held before the official opening of the 29th AU Summit.
This is why “we have to give ourselves the necessary time to study all the aspects relating to the implementation of measures of AU’s institutional reform, by bringing the necessary adjustments and correctives, as part of a comprehensive approach combining the largest possible number of States,” added Tebboune who is representing President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the 29th AU Summit.
Prime Minister affirmed that AU’s institutional reform process, like any large-scale work, “should evolve in appropriate conditions of increased mobilization and commitment of the member States.”
Such an initiative “could be achieved only through a realistic approach reconciling the imperatives and objectives of reforms with the real contributory capacities and the specificities of the African Union’s member States,” he added.
He said that Algeria, while reiterating its commitment to the principle of reform, suggests that “a particular attention should be given to the need to maintain a united and consensual approach during all the process so that Africa, eventually, becomes strengthened by these reforms.”

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