Hurricanes in US, Caribbean: President Bouteflika offers condolence, sympathy messages

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has sent to his counterparts of the United States, President Donald Trump, of France, President Emmanuel Macron, of Cuba, President Raul Castro Ruz,
in addition to Queen of England Elisabeth II and King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, messages of condolences and sympathy as their countries have been hit by hurricanes that caused human loss and significant damage to the United States of America and the Caribbean Islands.
“I learned with great sadness the significant damage caused by a series of hurricanes that hit the states of Texas, Louisiana and Florida, disasters that left many people dead,” the head of State said in his message to President Trump.
In these painful circumstances, “I’d like to offer, in the name of the Algerian people and government, and in my own name, our sincere condolences and assure you, and the friendly American people, our deep sympathy.”
“I’ve learned with great sorrow the devastation caused by the series of hurricanes that have stricken Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy Islands, bringing about loss of human lives and destruction of economic and social facilities,” President Bouteflika said in the message he sent to his French counterpart.”
In these circumstances, and “on behalf of the Algerian people and government, and in my own name, I offer the most sincere condolences and express my deep sympathy to you and to the friendly French people,” the head of State said.
“My thoughts go out to the families affected by the natural disaster, and to whom I’d like you to convey my condolences and compassion”.
In his message to his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro Ruz, following Hurricane Irma, President Bouteflika expressed his “deep sympathy” and “genuine solidarity.”
In his message to Elisabeth III, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and to the King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, the head of State expressed his sadness about the huge damage left by Hurricane Irma, which hit the British Virgin Islands and Saint Martin Island.
The head of State expressed his “sympathy and solidarity with the families affected by the natural disaster.”
President of the Republic also sent a condolence and solidarity message to President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico, stricken by an 8.2-magnitude earthquake.

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