Hood: Algeria-US views on Libya crisis resolution convergent


ALGIERS-The views of United States (US) and Algeria on the resolution of the crisis in Libya are convergent and the US seeks to work with Algeria to achieve common goals in the Sahel region,
said Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Joey Hood.
“Algeria has the same perspective as the U.S. government regarding the situation” in Libya, said Joey Hood in an interview with APS.
“We are therefore determined to work together on this common goal of discussing with our allies and partners on the conditions necessary for the withdrawal of foreign forces as quickly as possible and the holding of general elections on December 24 so that the Libyan people can restore their sovereignty as quickly as possible,” he said at the end of his first visit to Algeria.
“Algeria through its very competent Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra has a voice on this issue and this voice will be heard in the region and beyond,” said Hood who stressed that the United States “looked forward to working with the Algerian government on this important issue.”
Joey Hood said that his country was discussing this issue with several allies such as Turkey, European countries, Russia and especially the Libyans, saying that “the withdrawal of all foreign forces and the cessation of all foreign military interventions” is a top priority” for the U.S. administration.
“It is up to the government that will be elected in December to decide on its own what relations it wants to have with other countries without pressure from military forces on its own territory,” he said.
Regarding the role that some military actors might have in Libya after the transition period, the U.S. official said “such a decision belongs to the Libyans and the Libyan people alone.”
Hood also praised Algeria’s role in Mali, which resulted in the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement signed in 2015, saying that the United States looked forward to “working with the Algerian government to try to advance the goals of this agreement.”

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