Head of NATO PA delegation hails Algeria’s experience in fight against terrorism


APS : Thursday, 14 April 2016

ALGIERS- The head of the delegation of the Sub-CommitteeonTransatlantic Defence and Security Co-operation (DSCTC) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO PA), Sverre Myrli hailed Wednesday in Algiers Algeria’s struggle against terrorism and its experience in the fight against this scourge,
said the People’s National Assembly (Lower house of Parliament) in a communiqué.
Myrli, who was received by Ferdi Miloud, permanent member of NATO PA, also called for the strengthening of coordination in view of Algeria’s experience in the field.”
During the meeting, Ferdi outlined the reforms undertaken by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, especially for the promotion of women’s role and their involvement in the political life, as well as the rights strengthened by the amended Constitution.”
He also underlined “Algeria’s positions for the resolution of the conflict through dialogue without interference in internal affairs and rejecting all forms of violence.”
During the meeting with NATO PA delegation, the head of the Lower House’s Committee on National Defence, Chennouf Mohamed, highlighted “the efforts of the People’s National Army in the fight against terrorism, and hailed Algeria’s achievement under the wise policy of the President of the Republic.”
In this regard, he said that “the national reconciliation has helped to acquire pioneer experience in the fight against terrorism.”
Myrli also expressed “NATO’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with Algeria, especially in the field of deradicalization and counterterrorism.”
For his part, the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Community and Cooperation, Belmeddah Noureddine, said that “Algeria has managed to recover its place among nations after a painful decade of fight against terrorism.”
He also reiterated “Algeria’s unconditional support to the Sahrawi cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”
For her part, Lower House’s Deputy Speaker Eddalia Ghania presented a report on the democratic climate within the lower house, citing the main new provisions of the amended Constitution, especially those relating to the separation of powers and “the enshrinement of the rights of individuals and communities.”
She also underlined “Algeria’s role in the support of just causes in the world,” calling to join efforts in the fight against terrorism and drying up of its resources.”
The head of NATO PA delegation affirmed “the existence of a real willingness for parliamentary cooperation with a view to benefiting from Algeria’s experience as part of partnership with NATO.”
The delegation’s visit aims at strengthening cooperation between Algeria and NATO PA and exchanging views on regional issues.

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