Great respect, gratitude for Algeria for its support to Sahrawi cause

AOUSSERD (Sahrawi Refugee Camps)- The head of the political secretariat of the Polisario Front Hamma Salama expressed Thursday, great respect and gratitude for Algeria for its support to the Sahrawi people and its fair cause,” describing it as “the Mecca of free men,” which has always underlined its support to the peoples’ right to freedom.”
At the official opening of the festivities commemorating the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Polisario Front at the Sahrawi refugee camp Aousserd, Salama welcomed the support of the brotherly and friendly countries to the struggle of the Sahrawi people, notably “Algeria, country of the glorious war of liberation and its President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as well as African, European and Latin American countries.”
The Sahrawi official said that the creation of the Polisario Front “emanated from an awareness of the Sahrawi people of the importance of combating the Moroccan occupation and preparing the armed struggle.”
“The conditions of the Front creation weren’t at all easy as we couldn’t ensure its continuity, because of the brutality of the Moroccan policy. The front’s activists were determined to reveal the schemes aimed to exterminate the Sahrawi people,” said Salama.

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