Ghannouchi expresses gratitude to Algeria for its support to Tunisia against terrorism

APS : Monday, 14 March 2016
ALGIERS- President of the Tunisian movement Ennahdha Rached Ghannouchi expressed Sunday his gratitude to Algeria for its support to Tunisia in its fight against terrorism.
In a statement to the press following the audience granted to him by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Ghannouchi affirmed that “he reassured President Bouteflika that Tunisia is fighting terrorism,” adding that the fight against terrorism in Tunisia has shifted from “defence to attack.”
He added that Tunisia has shown “the great capacities of its security and military forces in fighting terrorism.”
Ghannouchi extended his thanks to the Algerian people for “their brotherly solidarity with the Tunisian people” adding that “more than one million Algerians visited Tunisia, contributing to the reduction of the shortage of tourists.”
He also thanked Algeria for “its support to Tunisia at the economic, security and military levels.”
He underlined that the information, according to which “Tunisia is a hosting country for terrorism, is “unfounded” and that the Tunisian people are taking a united stand against terrorism,” pointing out that “the support of the Algerian President, government and people to Tunisia has highly been appreciated.”

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