Berlin Conference on Libya: Key role of neighbouring countries underlined

APS : Monday, 20 January 2020
ALGIERS -Berlin Conference on Libya, which brought together 11 countries, including Algeria, reiterated the crucial role of neighbouring countries in resolving the Libyan crisis,
stressing the need for a lasting ceasefire in the crisis-stricken country.
“We underline the important role of the neighbouring countries in the process of stabilizing Libya,” according to the conference text, which will be submitted as a resolution to the UN Security Council.
Algeria, which shares nearly 1,000 km of borders with Libya, was ready to “host a dialogue between the Libyan brothers.”
President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said that Algeria was “ready to host dialogue between the Libyan brothers,” recalling at the same time the efforts made by Algeria to encourage the Libyan parties to adhere to the dialogue process, sponsored by the UN and accompanied by the African Union (AU).
In this respect, Tebboune recalled Algeria’s initiative in May 2014 for the creation of the Libyan Neighbouring Countries Mechanism, which held its first meeting in Algiers, as well as the various rounds of dialogue it has hosted since March 2015 between the leaders of Libyan political parties as part of the dialogue processes, supervised by the United Nations.
Algeria has worked intensively for the stabilization of the ceasefire, he added.
The statement, issued after four hours of discussions at the Chancellery’s headquarters in Berlin, calls on “all parties concerned to redouble their efforts to ensure a lasting suspension of hostilities and a permanent ceasefire.”
The countries participating in the conference call on the Security Council to “impose appropriate sanctions on those who violate the provisions of the ceasefire.”

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