U.A.E Foreign minister: Algeria won Independence at great sacrifice made by its people

APS : Thursday, 23 March 2017
ALGIERS- The United Arab Emirates’ minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar bin Mohamed Gargash said, Wednesday,
that Algeria “won its independence at the expense of great sacrifices made by its people and thanks to its resistance, which marked one of the greatest Revolutions.”
In a reaction on his Twitter account, following the statement held by the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi concerning the Algerian Revolution, the Emirati Foreign minister said that “Algeria’s independence was won at the expense of great sacrifices made by its people, and thanks to its resistance, which marked one of the greatest Revolutions. The regional and international roles were only a visible part of the scene that cannot escape the wise reader of History.”
“The United Arab Emirates’ love for Algeria and its determination for its Revolution and its great sacrifices could not be called into question,” said the Emirati minister, adding that the dimension evoked by Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi “concerned one of the elements of the fight of the brave Algerian people.”
It is the first official reaction to the statement recently made by the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Sultan Ben Mohammad Al-Qasimi, in a conference on Culture and Wisdom in the Political Thought, where he broached a discussion that Charles De Gaulle would have had with his minister of Culture.
“De Gaulle asked his minister of culture: How can win the sympathy of Arabs? To which he answered: You must please their Arab leader Djamal Abdel Nasser. If you are able to win his trust, you will have all the Arab Worl with you. And how can I have Abdel Nasser on my side? asked again De Gaulle. And his minister replied: by giving Algeria its independence. De Gaulle then said, broaching Algeria: “Now, I have them,” and he worked for Algeria’s independence,” said the rule of Sharjah.

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